Miss Marilyn ~ Children's Entertainer


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My eBooks about Kids

In these ebooks,  I share my experiences and conversations with children. I have entertained thousands of children over the years as a children’s entertainer, have taught Gymboree Play Program classes, have been a children's Speech and Language Pathologist and have interviewed children for my weekly column, For the LOVE of Kids, which appeared on a local online news site. 

But more importantly, I love kids and love having FUN. I am intrigued by the minds of children – their clarity, inherent joy, humor and general connection with all that is. Children remind us that there is only love. They remind us to stay present and open to the possibilities of life.

I enjoy tuning into the minds of children and celebrating the child in all of us. When we allow children to be who they are, they grace us with their inherent knowledge and inspirations. They then become all they are meant to be, in this magnificent expanding world and global community we live in.

These actual conversations with children are touching, funny and inspirational. I so enjoy my connection with these magnificent beings we call children and all the funny, poignant and clever things they say.